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A property in Trieste offers security.


Since real estate stands for lasting value, defies currency depreciation and promises a long-term increase in value, you create a solid basis for your secure future with the purchase.

All of our serviced apartments must meet the highest criteria in terms of location, construction quality and ecology. In order to be able to achieve the most sustainable and profitable rental possible, as well as a high resale price, our criteria are decisive.

  • More than 10 % return on equity achievable

  • Completion from Q4 2023

  • furnished

  • serviced and operated

  • Speculation period ends after 5 years

  • can be financed individually

  • all cost covered by operator


The fixed costs associated with home ownership are well known.


Due to the professionally carried out general refurbishment, only minor costs, if any, are to be expected in the next 10 years.


Due to the extremely good downtown location, the apartments are easy to rent.

Due to the low entry prices, an increase in value over the next 5-10 years is very likely.

optimal size (45-99m2) - house parking spaces - high level equipment 

Advantages of the offered serviced apartments

  • Ownership (You are in the land register, the bank for loan financing too...)

  • Carefree package, tenant is responsible and guarantees the rent

  • Tax benefits (investments, running costs, depreciation)

  • Assets or housing for you and the family

  • Current rental income

  • Probable increases in the value of the property (good location, favorable development of the real estate market)

  • Sale of the apartments easily possible

Investment Packages
4 Investment packages

3 Investment Packages

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Package             2

Package              3

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